Summer Crew Descriptions

Campus by the Sea offers competitive pay, Christian community, and a chance to unplug from the stress of the world. The summer crew live as a community in tent cabins at Little Gallagher’s Cove, adjacent to our main camp, and are trained in job skills and teamwork. Activities for crew during the summer include worship gatherings, waterfront activities, BBQ and beach games, video nights and other celebration events. Crew spend time in small group Bible Studies and enjoy morning devotions with their teams.


  • Help prepare meals for groups up to 280 people, including homemade bread and baked goods.
  • Work hard to meet the three most important deadlines in camp: breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  • Responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and food storage areas.
  • Work closely with the campers in assisting them with Opportunity to Serve (OTS). Campers participate in washing dishes after each meal and resetting the tables for the next meal.

We need those who enjoy working hard and can work closely together in a cozy kitchen with others. Our kitchen crew is important to us, and one that works well together is truly a blessing.


  • Handle light facility maintenance such as daily cleaning of the bath pavilion, cabin cleaning and trash collection.
  • Help unload groceries and supplies from camp boats.
  • Ensure the safety of the campers on the beach and in the boats.
  • Must be willing to train for first aid, CPR and life-guarding certificates.

Serving on the Grounds/Waterfront crew requires a willingness to work hard and serve with a good attitude in many areas.


  • Serve on family camp program helping with different age groups.
  • Be an enthusiastic participant in all events to help students and families feel more engaged in the program.
  • Serve on Combo camp staff by being a Dean for at least 2 sessions in a row.
  • Leaders of games and helping the students participate in all areas of the program.

Program positions require a willingness to be more engaged and enthusiastic.  You will also need to be a leader for the students and other participants of camp. This position will go in tandem with Grounds/Waterfront Crew, as this is not an all summer long position.


  • Keep the store clean, neat, and well stocked.
  • Have a customer service attitude by being friendly, outgoing, and enjoy interacting with the campers.
  • Must be able to run a cash register and count money back.

The snack shop is open most afternoons and some mornings. Regarding that, this position will go in tandem with another position such as facilities crew, Kitchen, or office help. Meaning when you don’t work the snack shop you will work in the other position. This position will not have opportunity be on Program Crew.