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Little Gallagher’s Improvement Project

Click on the photo below to watch a video about the Little Gallagher’s Improvement Project.

Trail Tales

The Role of Hiking Trails on Catalina IslandWere it not for the network of hiking trails that lace Santa Catalina Island, we would be reading more articles that start like this: MIDDLE AGED MAN PLASTERED WITH POISON OAK BLISTERS AFTER BUSHWHACKING HIS WAY THROUGH CATALINA UNDERBRUSH or CRAZED CAMPUS BY THE SEA CAMPER TRAPPED IN THICKET AND NIBBLED TO DEATH BY MAN EATING DEER. Because of the trails, such is not the case. The trails enable visitors to safely explore the island’s pristine natural habitat.

Our Story: History of Campus by the Sea

The ministry of Campus by the Sea is one of hospitality. We provide a restful place where our guests can come to listen for God’s voice through his Word, his Creation, and his People. Our mission was born in 1951 under the leadership of Mel Friesen and InterVarsity students from USC and UCLA. Like Lazarus, we experienced a death of sorts beginning in 1969.

Bruin Christian Fellowship Video

InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship’s Fall Conference is held annually at Campus by the Sea on Catalina Island. Only accessible by boat, conference attendees board a chartered ferry to be drawn away from the distractions of LA and college life and focus on God’s word for the weekend.

Meet the Campus by the Sea Staff

Her cheery voice is often the first one you hear when you call Campus by the Sea. His strong hand is usually the first one you shake when you get off the boat. Their names are Greg and Wendy Jones. As members of the CBS management team, they have provided stability to the work of Campus by the Sea for the past six years. Together they bring 31 years of camping experience to their assignments, having served at Forest Home before coming to Santa Catalina Island.