CBS Stories

Meet the Volunteers-Mark and Annette Stanley

1981 Avalon High Junior Senior PromIn the spring of 1981, Avalon High was looking desperately for a venue to hold their annual Junior- Senior Prom. Campus by the Sea, under the leadership of Paul and Virginia Friesen, had just completed construction of the Lighthouse. Wayne Herbst, Avalon teacher and Paul’s brother-in-law, contacted the camp to see if the facility could be used for the prom. Paul said, “Certainly!”

The Boathouse Remodel-Progress Report

The Campus by the Sea Welcome MatThe Campus by the Sea Boathouse, one of the orignial structures along with the Maindeck, is about to get another facelift. As part of phase two of the Waterfront Improvement Project, a portion of the existing structure will be transformed into a conference meeting room.

CBS Basketball Court

It is 80 feet long, 46 feet wide and contains 41 cubic yards of concrete. And it will be the envy of every Kobe Bryant wannabe who visits Campus by the Sea this year. It’s the new basketball court.

It's Not Easy Being Green (But at Least We Are Trying)

It seems like everyone is always talking about “going green”, but what does that really mean? At Campus by the Sea it means that we are becoming better stewards of all that God has given us, including Santa Catalina Island. We are taking steps in every area to conserve resources and reduce the amount of trash we create.

Little Gallagher's Project Report

Each week during the summer, our guests disembark from a boat and lumber down the pier with baggage and children in tow. When they reach the beach, most turn left, pass the boat house, and head up the fairway towards our elegant dining hall, modern bathroom, and adequate housing accommodations. But those who turn right when they hit the beach are in for a different experience.

Wilma the Pig-Part Two

Rain At Last-Drought is a regular feature of life on Santa Catalina Island, punctuated with wet seasons every seven to ten years. In 1970, Inter-Varsity outgrew Campus by the Sea and moved its summer camp operations to Northern California. (They returned twelve years later.) Coincidentally, 1970 was the year the rain stopped falling in Southern California. Seven dry years later, the Island Company began discussions about hauling water by barge from the mainland to the island.

Wilma the Pig-Part One

With respect to humans, the wildlife on Santa Catalina Island live by one rule—BE INCONSPICUOUS. But every once in a while an animal tries a different strategy. Billy the Buffalo parked himself in the upper canyon of Gallagher’s Cove for three months a few years back. Then there was Tripod the three-legged fox who hung around the kitchen looking for scraps. But the most interesting was Wilma the Pig. She appeared on the scene in the summer of 1977.

Meet the Staff--Shane and Susie Sabicer

Shane and Susie Sabicer is a name that sounds like it belongs together. It does—for twenty years now.Three words that each begin with “s” in a cadence of one, two, and three syllables. For most of their married life, they have worked as a team in camping ministry. Susie, with her certificate in catering from Orange Coast College, cooked or managed the kitchen, while Shane worked in the main office.

The Official Campus by the Sea Problem Solver’s Guide

Introduction As fate would have it, the higher one moves up the organizational ladder, the more complex the problems become. If there is any good thing to say about this predicament, it is that problem solving is a learned skill. What follows is the first-ever Campus by the Sea Problem Solver Guide for managers of all types. Organizational executives, student leaders, and even parents will find this easy to use twelve-step approach useful as you try to identify, analyze and maybe even solve a few of the tough issues that end up on your plate.

The Anchor

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship owns four retreat and training centers in the United States. Each has a unique symbol in their logo to help identify the camp. Bear Trap Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado has a bear paw. Cedar Campus, located on the shores of Lake Huron, has a sail boat on the lake. Campus by the Sea was given an anchor. It makes sense.