Meet the Staff--Steve Stuckey

We call him our ghost staff member. He is so invisible that he doesn’t even live on Catalina Island. Since he joined the team in 2004, he has served as the writer for the OTS Crew and our website manager. His name is Steve Stuckey.

CBS: Tell us about your involvement with Campus by the Sea.

Steve: My first visit to CBS was in June of 1968. I attended Chapter Camp as a student leader with the UCLA InterVarsity group. The trip over was spectacular. Because of my finals schedule, I had to depart the mainland late, so I was sent from Long Beach by sea plane along with that week’s groceries. We landed at Gallagher’s Cove and were then shuttled to shore in the little shuttle boat. What an entrance!

Steve and Daughters Amy and Leslie in 1982 After college I joined InterVarsity Staff and served in Northern California for 15 years. In the early 1980’s my wife Nancy and I started attending Family Camp with our young family. The yearly summer trek from Stockton to Catalina became an important family ritual. CBS became the vacation home for our three children and our other home became increasingly cluttered with banners, rocks, and sea shells.  Those items continue to be some of our most valued family treasures. (The photo at the left is of Steve and daughters Amy and Leslie at CBS in 1982. They both have children of their own that age now.)

In 1985 I was appointed Regional Director for Southern California and served in that capacity for the next 18 years. The regional director was automatically a member of the Campus by the Sea Committee. I had the honor of working with Paul and Virginia Friesen and the other camp directors that followed them. It was in that capacity that I learned about the inner workings of a camp and concluded that being a camp director was one of the harder jobs in InterVarsity. CBS has been fortunate to have had a string of very competent directors over the years.

In 2004, I moved to a new position in InterVarsity—Pastoral Care Specialist. I lead spiritual formation retreats and provide spiritual direction for InterVarsity Staff. Spiritual direction is a ministry of compassionate listening and prayer. I needed to join a team that understood and could support my ministry. The director of CBS at the time, Susie Veon, invited me to become part of the CBS team. I ended up as the camp writer because I like to write and because at the time I was the only one who had a high speed internet connection.

CBS: What do you like about your job as the writer for CBS?

Steve:Steve and Nancy Stuckey and grandchildren Ryan and Hailey in 2012 As a writer I love discovering how the bits and pieces of information that I receive fit together in a way that is both meaningful and interesting. By the way, the discovery process is similar as a spiritual director. When I sit and listen to someone pour out their story to me, we are together trying to discern God’s activity in their life and how he is weaving the parts together in a way that makes sense.

 Campus by the Sea has a 63 year history involving thousands of people, animals, events, building projects, food, crafts, recreational sports, training experiences, and spiritual discoveries. The tag line that makes sense for me is as follows: Campus by the Sea is a quiet place where people come to hear God’s voice through his Word, his creation, and his people. I want my writing to somehow connect with that theme. (photo at right of Steve and Nancy with two of five grandchildren)

CBS: What are your plans for the future?

Steve: On July 1, 2014 my wife will retire from her job as a Curriculum Resource Teacher for the Pasadena Unified School District. I plan to continue my work as a spiritual director and retreat leader with InterVarsity (see my website:, but I will reduce my hours to half time. I plan to transfer from the CBS team to the Spiritual Formation and Prayer team within InterVarsity. My last writing assignment for CBS will be the June issue of the OTS Crew. I am grateful to Dave Noble for adopting me as their ghost staff member. He has recruited a great team of staff and I am very hopeful for the future of CBS. Shane Sabicer will take over my responsibilities.