Meet the Staff- Katie Hamman

Growing Up In Lima, Ohio

Katie HammanKatie Hamman grew up in Lima (like the bean), Ohio. It’s a Middle America city of 38,000 people whose claim to fame is the M1 Abrams Tank that was built for the military there. More recently, the hit television series Glee is set in the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio.

Katie has one younger sister Rosie. In listening to her describe their childhood, you get the impression that the two of them possessed an abundance of energy. Much of that energy was channeled into sports—swimming, softball, peewee football, soccer, and hockey. Katie especially likes hockey. She started off at age eight with floor hockey, moved up to roller hockey, and finally played ice hockey in college. Her dream is to start a hockey team at Campus by the Sea. She was recently spotted training a skate-clad protégée on the new basketball court.

College Years

Following graduation from high school, she attended Hesston College in Kansas for two years earning an Associate’s degree in liberal arts. She then transferred to the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a year (Canadians really know how to play hockey). During her summers, she worked as Christian camp counselor in Alaska and Illinois.

I Didn’t Know California Even Had Islands

Katie Driving TractorPart of growing up is learning what motivates and energizes us. Katie has discovered that she learns by doing. She enjoys being outdoors working with her hands. She likes living with a small community of women and men devoted to following Jesus. And she likes the adventure of traveling to new parts of the country. So when she saw on the internet a job opening at Campus by the Sea, she jumped sight unseen at the opportunity. She put it this way: “The advertisement mentioned something about living on an island. I didn’t know California even had islands!” Since her arrival, she has learned a ton of stuff including learning to drive a boat, operate a tractor, and be content with a quiet life on a small island.

Facilities Coordinator

As our Facilities Coordinator, Katie and her team make sure cabins, bathrooms and meeting spaces are clean and ready for our guests. Long hours of dusty work are the norm rather than the exception but she is grateful for the chance to help others enjoy their stay in a secluded place that might renew their souls.

If you plan to visit Campus by the Sea this summer and want to make a young woman from the Midwest happy, add roller blades to your packing list. She will provide the puck and stick and demonstrate what people from cold parts of the world do to stay sane during the winter months.