The Legacy Group

Legacy GroupThey are our parents and grandparents in the faith and Campus by the Sea is their gift to the next generation. On May 10, 2013 we had the chance to invite a few of our long time friends to Catalina for the day. Some are in their eighties. Ken Lincoln just turned 90.  We wanted to say “Thank You” for investing your time, talent, and resources over the decades into making Campus by the Sea what it is today.

Ken Lincoln and son enjoy lunch at CBSCBS kitchen staff prepared a scrumptious meal from scratch in the grand CBS tradition. Following lunch we sat around and reminisced about the early days.

Remembering the Past Together

Paul Fletcher remembered growing up as a boy at camp. His mother Betty Fletcher was the camp administrator and many remembered her working late into the night with a kerosene lantern in the camp office. Paul remembered planting some of the first palm trees at the beach. They now grace the skyline sixty feet tall. Tonia Fletcher remembered coming to camp following graduation from high school. She was housed with a group of girls from UC Santa Barbara who became lifelong friends and still gather for a yearly weekend retreat. She also remembered meeting the handsome tan boat skipper who is now her husband.

Cookie Walden and her late husband Dick served under Paul Friesen as CBS staff for five years. She was then appointed as director of Bear Trap Ranch, the InterVarsity retreat and training center in the Rocky Mountains. She has fond memories of hard working, rugged, and at time eccentric staff members who were able to function in a rustic environment.

Jack Estridge was a student at USC in 1951 when CBS was founded. Mel and Helen Friesen were his staff workers. A special treat for him that day was to meet Carol Herbst, youngest daughter of Mel and Helen and resident of Avalon.

The Campus by the Sea Committee

Legacy GroupCamp director, Dave Noble, passed around an old photo taken of the InterVarsity West Coast staff team at CBS in 1951. Ken Lincoln remembered taking the photo. Ken later served on the Campus by the Sea Committee that was formed in 1968 when InterVarsity staff realized that the camp was more than they could manage alone. Given his background in research, Ken was asked to write up the contract between the Committee and InterVarsity. Shirley Lincoln remembered volunteering long hours in the kitchen as a young woman. Her children and grandchildren washed some of those same pots and pans in later years.

George Giacumakis also served on the original Committee. He remembered each member being asked to loan the camp $1000, which was a lot in those days. (They were later paid back). Joan Giacumakis was a nurse and remembered caring for her young children and ailing campers.

We are grateful for our faithful friends. To hear more of the stories from the early years, visit our history page.

(Pictured in the top photo from left to right are: Jack Estridge, Joan Giacumakis, Tom Hansen, George Giacumakis, Shirley Lincoln, Tim Lincoln, Ken Lincoln, Paul Fletcher, Steve Stuckey, Tonia Fletcher, Taylor Wasdahl and his fiance Sherry, Dave Noble, Cookie Walden)