Summer Youth Programs

Jr. High and High School events for 2019 have concluded but we will announce next summer's offerings in October. Subscribe to our E-Newsletter through our Facebook Page in order to get the latest news on when registration opens for Summer 2020 Combo Camps. To get a feel for our Combo Camps, see information below about our last programmed youth camps. Hope to see you next season for "Summer Things"!Show your team spirit at Campus by the Sea's Jr High and High School Combo Summer Camp


Welcome to Intervarsity's Campus by the Sea on Catalina Island! Are you ready for an amazing Summer Camp that is literally located on the beach!? I'll tell you this, when you are out here on Catalina Island.

We have amazing worship, teaching times, all camp games, recreation options and great food. Plus, you're on an island living that amazing "Island Life" being truly unplugged from the distractions of this world.  We are so excited for you to possibly come join us in all of the crazy fun Campus by the Sea has to offer. From stand up paddle boards, snorkeling, fishing, tubing behind a boat, 18 square in the air, Gaga Ball, disc golf course and The Water Totter.  See you on the island!


Summer 2019 we have a brand new theme... "Octothorpe".

"Yay! I can finally post this perfect image of my life to show everyone that I am currently having one of the best days in the history of forever! It only took 51 other selfies before I got the perfect eye glare and cheekbone lighting that I wanted, but wow does this picture look Gramable. I’m so happy! I finally have enough likes and followers to really make a dent in this world and to be an influencer! I [clap] MADE [clap] IT [clap]! Why would I ever want to let people know how I am really doing? I love who I am on this account!"

Are we putting all of our self-worth in how we portray and view us? Are we letting people dictate who we are and what we are not? Is it hard to have real conversation with REAL friends and our REAL God? This summer at Campus By The Sea we are heading into “Octothorpe Summer”… well you might be confused already and asking yourself, “Hey self. What is an ocothorpe?”. Well I will wait here as you google it, don’t worry I’ll wait. . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ok found it? Great! Well this summer we are going to dive deep in to scripture and ask this question, “Am I living the real life Jesus called me in to or am I living a fake life?”. 

This is going to be the biggest and best summer yet at Campus By the Sea and we are #excited for you to come join in all the fun! With a new program layout and New Options for Summer 2019 like: 6 Pop Up Celebration experiences, New Splatter Ball Course, Escape The Room 2: Electric Boogaloo, and much much more! 

We don't want you to have FOMO, so sign up now and we will see you out on the island!

Joel Dunn

Combo Camp Director


Click to see the camp dates and rates or to find out to how to register!


We know it can be a challenge to schedule multiple summer camps with different ages of students during the summer. We offer an integrated program that gives age-appropriate lessons for large and small groups with epic all-camp games and worship. ​Our program is designed to facilitate growth in your church youth group’s community. High School and Jr. High students are at different levels and at different steps in their journey with Christ. Our program addresses this through separate teaching times that go deeper with age-appropriate lessons and challenges but also engage everyone together in amazing community-building events.

Jr. High and High School summer campers hike out of CBS on way to Avalon on Catalina Island Our prayer is that we truly partner with your church Leaders to set you up for success not only at Campus by the Sea but for your ministry year-round. This is not your typical plug-and-play “church camp. We are truly here to serve you in any way your church needs.

We have a large Program Staff to serve you and your group facilitating how you want to lead. Need a break? Our staff can lead your small group times. Want to lead? All spaces are open for you and your church to thrive. All programmatic elements are 100% optional or 100% mandatory… it all depends on what YOU as the CHURCH decide for your students. We take care off all the details so YOU the CHURCH can concentrate on Christ-building relationships with your students.

Videos below are from 2019 "Octothorpe Summer!" It is a playlist that will cycle through all five sessions of 2019 season. See more youth videos on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.


Exceptional speakers, inspiring worship, life-changing growth. The price covers everything: boat transportation, recreation equipment, excursion to Avalon, tubing and all meals. All Jr High and High School students, this is your week to shine and build Christian friendships. It will be a fun-filled week with crazy games. Get ready to rock out with our worship band. Get your talents ready for the annual talent show. Enjoy the ocean as your playground. Take some time on the island to grow closer to God.


Check out more program details here!

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