Recreation Options

In addition to the natural beauty of our cove here on Catalina Island, there are numerous activities available to our guests free of charge.


CBS has a large waterfront area which is the favorite recreation choice for most of our guests. We provide lifeguard service as well as all the equipment you need to enjoy the waterfront. Please note that our beach is a rocky one and watershoes or sandals are highly recommended.

Paddle Boards: There are 10 paddle boards for our guests to use in this popular activity that challenges your balance while building your core. Life jacket provided and required.

Kayaking: There are more than 15 one- and two-person kayaks available. These kayaks are made for ocean use, are easy to use and hard to tip over. Life jackets are provided for kayaking and are required at all times.

Snorkeling: Catalina is known for some of the best underwater sea life in the world. You can take advantage of this by using our masks, snorkels and fins to take a tour of the underwater beauty in our own cove.

Swimming: Guests are welcome to swim out to our swim float which is anchored in the middle of our swim area to relax and take in some sun. Or try your balance on our soft swim mat. Our swim area is watched by our certified lifeguard staff.

Fishing: There are lots of fish in these waters and fishing is a fun activity for all ages. The camp does not provide fishing equipment, but bait is usually available. You are welcome to fish off our pier, the rock jetty or from shore, as long as it is outside the designated swimming area. California requires a license for anyone over 16, even for fishing on our pier.

Inner Tubes and Boogie Boards: These items are available for use in our swim area for lounging around in the sun.

Land Sports

Hiking Trails: Since the camp is located in a canyon, we have several great trails around the camp which offer some spectacular views of the ocean and the island. Click here to see a map of our trails.

Volleyball: We have two sand volleyball courts fenced by netting so you don't spend your time chasing the ball.

Basketball: We have a full court just steps from the ocean. We ask that you refrain from playing on the court in the mornings before we ring a wake-up bell.

Ping Pong: We have four ping pong tables.

Shuffleboard and Horseshoes: Enjoy these traditional outdoor games.

Play Yard: Our modern play yard offers hours of fun for young children.