At Campus by the Sea we have three main types of living quarters for our guests. 

Enclosed Cabins

Fully enclosed cabins offer our best all-weather protection and allow the camp to operate for an extended season. Each room has a skylight that makes the room bright and airy. Each unit sleeps 8 in bunk beds, has one double mattress, has two entrances and shares a deck with adjoining unit.

Open Air Cabins

These cabins are very comfortable in warmer months when more air flow is desired. The walls of the cabin do not extend all the way to the roof, so the air can move freely through the room. Originally designed and built in 1951, most units have been recently upgraded.


Large canvas tents are built on sturdy wooden platforms. Each unit has one double sized mattress and other single mattresses are arranged on bunks. They have flaps for doors and windows with screens. Most of these units are located along the flood control channel. They come in 4-person and 8-person sizes to meet various needs.

Speaker Cabin (Sand Dabs)

Upon request, pending availability, a special cabin can be provided for each guest group to use as speaker housing or to accommodate a guest with special needs that require availability of electricity and light. Cabin can be supplied with linens. Only four of these units exist in camp.

Bathroom Pavilion

All campers share a centralized, modern restroom facility complete with solar-assisted, hot showers and electricity since cabins do not have attached bathrooms. Each gender has access to 5 shower stalls and 5 flush toilet stalls. Additional latrines and rinse showers are located at waterfront.

None of our guest quarters have private bathrooms. All cabins and tents do not have electric light or outlets but are furnished with a rechargeable lantern, one memory foam double bed mattress plus bunk beds with foam mattresses. Guest groups are expected to bring their own sleeping bag or bedding, pillows, flashlight, towels and toiletries.

Campus by the Sea's accommodations are simple but comfortable. With the exception of a few small cabins (Sand Dab units) reserved for conference speakers and guests with special needs, none of our cabins or tents are equipped with electricity. Flashlights are highly recommended. A modern Bathroom Pavilion is located centrally within the camp which provides toilets, sinks, and hot showers and electricity.