Roxanne Young Stories

Ray Young-a la John the Baptist

During the summer of 1968 Ray Young had returned to CBS for his second season as “mechanic” on “Crew” (to differentiate CBS personnel from IVCF “Staff”). Ray was perfectly content in his ’60’s persona sporting shoulder-length blond hair and a scruffy, curly beard half-way down his chest. On occasion he doffed his tattered Levis and holey cut-off sweat-shirt and donned his ‘holy robes,’ a la John-the-baptist-- a flowing wheat-colored linen-like tunic and accompanying dark rough-woven ankle-length sleeveless vest.

Hank Pott and First Impressions

That same summer Hank Pott had been seconded to IVCF student ministry by the Christian Reformed Church and was headed out to Campus by the Sea for the first time to meet his new supervisor, Ron Thompson, then IVCF Area Director for Southern California. Intent on making a positive impression, Hank, serious, single as well as single-minded, conservative in views and dress, was attired in coat and tie.

The Plot

Unbeknownst to Hank, Ron, et al, conspired and commissioned Ray, robed, bare-headed and bare-footed, to greet Hank in town on the Pleasure Pier, present himself as Hank’s new ‘boss’ and welcome him to IVCF/CBS. Stories are still told of how Hank, after he picked his chin up off the pier, took a deep breath and thrust out his hand for a hearty shake. “Ron” then invited Hank to gingerly deposit his bags and himself into the 12’ skiff, pulled the 6-horse into action, chugged out to Gallagher's Cove, unloaded Hank on the float and had him hauled in on the shuttle boat.

Hank's View

Hank clearly recalls the experience 45 years later, “(After) Ray introduced himself as my new boss and we set off for Gallagher's Cove, I got rid of sports coat and tie, and made a mental note to follow through on my application to join Campus Crusade staff...All in all I remember a campus ministry that had a strange but memorable way of welcoming new staff...Several years of intensive counseling have gotten me past the most serious aspects of the trauma...Cathy and I have worked with students for about 30 years, so the CBS intro had no lasting damaging effects!”