New Leadership

By way of introduction, let me share with you that my wife, Mary Kay and I (Hal) came to CBS this past summer so I could begin responsibilities as Director. Prior to this year, we have had no direct relationship with InterVarsity or knowledge of CBS. It has truly been a joy to begin a crash-course learning of the incredible ministry and legacy of this camp and all of InterVarsity. God has used me in Christian camping through most of my life and I am grateful that He has placed us here to live and to serve. Mary Kay and I are honored to be a part of this staff and mission.

As I write this message, we have just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. Please allow me to call attention to just a few momentous things that we are thankful for at Campus by the Sea. God has given us an amazingly beautiful location to steward and offer as a place for many people to “meet God and be renewed”. I have discovered that He has chosen and positioned an incredible staff to fulfill the mission of CBS. Speaking of that mission – it is extremely vital and satisfying that our primary work is to minister to students and families. I am grateful for each of these and for the foresight and wisdom of all who have built this ministry over the last 66 years. May their legacy continue for generations to come.

You, better than I, know the various parts and people involved in the history of Campus by the Sea. You are extremely important to us. You own a piece of the legacy by virtue of your participation, your prayers and your continued commitment to our ministry. I hope that will continue. I am certainly not asking for any allegiance to me – this place and its ministry, its legacy is much bigger than any person or segment of people. Campus by the Sea is an organism made up of all that God has brought together; all the students, all the participants, all the staff, all the leaders, all the programs, all the challenges, all the victories, all the salvation experiences and life-changing growth. Most importantly, the intent (carried out by imperfect people) to fulfill the mission He gave us and to bring Him glory and honor.

If you are so inclined, I encourage you to contact me. As a newbie to CBS, I am committed to listening and learning. I believe God placed me here because of my experience and expertise. I also believe there is much for me to learn and tremendous ways for CBS to grow and prosper. I like and will respond to direct communication. Please feel free to reach me by phone, letter or email and I will respond in kind. I also plan to send out 2-3 letters like this throughout the year to keep you informed. Of course, if you do not wish to hear from me or CBS you can opt-out and we will respect your wishes.

God bless you. Again, please hear that we are grateful for you and all you have meant to the ministry of Campus by the Sea. I hope you have opportunity to visit us soon.


Hal Hill

Director, Campus by the Sea

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