Ministry Despite Difficulities

CBS began 2017 dealing with the aftermath of a very difficult and impactful decision made by the national office of InterVarsity. That affected morale, scheduling, programming, finances (budgeting, revenue, gifts, operational expenditures, etc.), and key relationships. From all I can tell, the staff regrouped well and persisted in order to do all they could to make the year a good one. They were able to host many more church guest groups than usual, they expanded their Combo Camp sessions and offered a Vacation Week and an Alumni Camp during the summer. Still, the affect of not conducting the historical Family Camp was a disappointment to many.

We are at a critical point in our history.This past year has been filled with challenges but despite the difficulties, much ministry has continued, and lives have been impacted for eternity. 

Chapman University students at Fall Conference 2017

We had good volunteer staff for the summer season, great conferences and retreats were held, and we recorded 43 first time decisions and 187 recommitment decisions throughout all of our IV student events. 

Although every camp experiences some incidents throughout the year, we had very few injuries or damages to buildings or breakdown of equipment. Fiscally we were challenged but we are ending the year in a better financial place than we projected. And a new Camp Director was hired. 

Chapman University students at
Fall Conference 2017

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