Hope Filled Future

In addition to providing an update, I am also writing to request your continued support. We need you. There are 5 very specific ways you can contribute:

  1. Encouragement – I have mentioned some of the challenges CBS has faced this year. The early part of the year was especially discouraging. Your words, spoken or written, can be a great source of inspiration. We love to hear how you are doing and I really enjoy hearing ways that CBS has impacted your lives. Please feel free to reach out and contact me or any of our staff.
  2. Volunteer – There are many ways that you can be part of our ministry. We certainly need help on-site throughout the year. Let us know of your availability and capability so we can devise a good plan that benefits all of us.
  3. Give – Your financial gifts are needed. There are many who give on a monthly or continuing basis. We are grateful for each of those gifts. We also have many donors who give when they can, and some of those have made substantial gifts. We apply each gift toward a specific need. We always need gifts to supply our scholarship requests; equipment must be refreshed and renewed; capital projects (like the Seaside Tents) are only funded through donor gifts; and this year, more than most, we need funds for operational purposes as we head into a new year. (By the way, we have not produced 2018 calendars. They were not included in the reduced budget for this year. We hope we will be able to produce calendars for 2019 and following.) Thank you for anything you can give. As always, we will provide you with a receipt in case that will be helpful as you file taxes.
  4. Summer Crew – As mentioned earlier, we need some good summer crew members to make the summer a success. If you know great college-age students that can commit their summer to a worthy cause, please suggest they apply through our website and then call to tell us their name and that you have suggested them.
  5. PRAY – This is the most significant way you can support us. We believe we are pursuing God’s will as we conduct camps, host guest groups and pour our lives into families, students and others that come to Campus by the Sea. Please pray for wisdom, strength and protection for our staff and that this place will only be used to glorify our Lord. May His will be done.

If you are so inclined, I encourage you to contact me. As a newbie to CBS, I am committed to listening and learning. I believe God placed me here because of my experience and expertise. I also believe there is much for me to learn and tremendous ways for CBS to grow and prosper. I like and will respond to direct communication. Please feel free to reach me by phone, letter or email and I will respond in kind. I also plan to send out 2-3 letters like this throughout the year to keep you informed. Of course, if you do not wish to hear from me or CBS you can opt-out and we will respect your wishes.

God bless you. Again, please hear that we are grateful for you and all you have meant to the ministry of Campus by the Sea. I hope you have opportunity to visit us soon.


Hal Hill
Director, Campus by the Sea

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